Products Overview

OPIS PointLogic provides users with access to interactive modules as well as daily and weekly reports about production, supply and demand, NGLs, power and more at the national and regional levels.

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Interactive modules

Flows Module

Dynamic flow data for every interstate pipeline with point-type filters and time period summaries

Pipeline Module

Notices issued by interstate pipelines and storage facilities, pipeline capacity contract data and expansion project profiles as well as pipeline company profiles.

Production Module

Natural gas wellhead and dry estimates, months before EIA data is available

Markets Module

Daily supply and demand fundamentals, natural gas price survey and bid week prices, storage inventories, import/export flows

NGLs Module

Gas processing plant volumes and natural gas liquid volumes by refining district and purity product

Power Module

Natural gas consumption by plant for all gas-fired power plant connected to interstate pipelines, plus operating data on all U.S. power plants.

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