Pipeline Module

Real-time notices issued by interstate pipelines and storage facilities, pipeline capacity contract data and expansion project profiles as well as pipeline company profiles.

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Natural gas transportation market intelligence has never been easier

Track anything and everything from an infrastructure standpoint staying ahead of news on all administrative or informational posting standpoints such as; Notices like OFO’s, Maintenance schedules open seasons, new points and projects as well as building out your own user specific pipeline notice query or filter with unique client user updating characteristics.

Identify important trends by tracking NG supply and demand fluctuations, day to day or nomination cycle to nomination cycle. Take advantage of profitable opportunities by leveraging information on changing conditions. View:

  • View pipeline profiles with associated articles, documents and FERC Form 2 data highlights
  • View pipeline project profiles with project details, maps and associated articles and documents
  • Create custom alerts to have pipeline notices delivered to your inbox in real-time
  • View capacity contracts by pipeline and then click on a shipper’s name and view all of its capacity holdings
  • Monitor the latest status of all North American LNG projects