Markets Module

Intraday supply and demand balance for lower 48 production area detailing regional supply and demand, including a list of facilities that are driving the supply and demand changes.

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Track the biggest volume movers of NG in North America

The OPIS PointLogic Markets Module gives you the full picture of NG supply and demand fundamentals. Quickly see who the biggest volume movers are, by pipeline and point, by EIA region. This module includes OPIS Natural Gas spot prices, a U.S. import/export perspective and U.S. storage facility volumes and inventories, plus EIA regional storage forecasts.

Now you can drill into daily supply and demand fundamentals, price survey and bidweek prices, net storage inventories by facility and import/export flows for hubs in the U.S. and Canada. With fingertip access to this data, decision-making is faster and easier. View:

  • Overviews of major supply & demand sectors in North America. Metrics include Modeled Dry and Modeled Wellhead, Industrial, RES/COM, LNG Exports, MX Exports, Production Losses, Canadian Net Imports and LNG Pipe deliveries for Supply and Electric, Pipeloss and Fuel for Demand
  • Interactive graphs to compare Season To Date or Year To Date
  • Spot/cash prices in wholesale markets for specific time periods and locations
  • Baseload transactions for the day: measure day-ahead gas flows